Impact of BINHI English Literacy Program to scholars

Mr Antonio Miranda, former principal at one of Binhi’s partner schools at Bagumbayan Elementary School was quoted saying, “Sana lumawak pa ang Binhi dahil marami kayong natutulungan” (I hope the Binhi Foundation continues to expand because it helps a lot of children.)

When Mr. Miranda was asked about his views on Binhi, he favorably answered it by saying that it is a unique program that he has never encountered before. He admires that the foundation’s founders, volunteers, and evaluators who are all very hands-on.

He also acknowledged that he admires how the students at Bagumbayan have formed a very cooperative and great relationship with Binhi members and Lao members.

Mr. Miranda was also asked on his opinions on the advantages that the students gain and again he gladly said that the number one thing he liked is that “the foundation provides support to students to be able to acquire and upgrade their reading abilities as this is one of the things that they (will) need the most; to be able to read and have an education.”

The quick interview ended with well wishes for Binhi saying, “Sana lumawak pa ang Binhi kasi marami kayong natutulungan dahil sa set-up ng public schools ngayon marami talagang napag-iiwanan na mga bata pero sa tulong ng Binhi yung mga naiiwan na bata natutulungan uli pabalik para maging normalized ang kanilang reading abilities.” (I hope Binhi continues to expand because they help lot of children in need. With the current situation of public schools right now, a lot of students are getting left behind in their curriculum but because of Binhi they get the chance to gain normal reading abiltiies.)